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So you’ve heard that you can get free money from the government and you want to know if it is true. It is true and if you were born in the United States and over 18 you already qualify. Getting free money from the government has nothing to do with your credit score. You can have excellent credit or poor credit it really doesn’t matter. As long as you can meet the two requirement of being over 18 and a citizen you can get this money too…
There are grants for homeowners who can get up to $5000 to make repairs to their homes. There is even money for homeowners who are behind in their mortgage. They can get $2000 free grant money to help pay their mortgage. For homeowners who need a new roof you can get up to $10,000. Free grant money is available for those who want to start a business too. If you have always wanted to put your business ideas into motion now is the time. You no longer have the excuse of not having the money because there is plenty of money just waiting for people like you to claim it.
There are grants available to help you pay back debt, repair your home or even to help you purchase a new home. You can request help on all levels. That means that if you qualify you can get funding to help start a business, help pay back debt, and help purchase a new home or repair an existing one. The money is there and just because you apply on one level doesn’t mean you can’t apply for another. Everybody has a different situation and may need the help on all levels.
So at this point I imagine you are asking yourself ” how can I get free money from the government?” The best news yet in getting free grants from the government is you don’t have to pay it back. This is money designed to help get the tough economy back on track. That’s right; you don’t have to pay it back. But you do have to request it.
President Obama has made it possible for you to get free money from the government. You can get $15,000 to go towards a new home or $5000 to improve your current home. If you are a homeowner that is behind on your mortgage payments you can get up to $2000 in government free money to help you get caught up. There is also government free money for school loans, business and more…
Times are hard and as a homeowner you can get help. Free money from the government is for every homeowner. If you are behind in payments this is your opportunity to get ahead. But don’t stop there. Get free money to do those repairs to your home that needed to be done but that you didn’t have the money to do.
The only requirements for this program to get government free money are you must be a citizen of the United States and over 18 years of age. Many have already tapped this resources and got their free money from the government. Why are you waiting? Waiting will not get your mortgage caught up nor your leaking roof repaired.
That’s not all! If you need a new roof you can get up to $10,000 of government free money. Is this amazing or what? If you are a citizen and over 18 years of age you can get money for a new roof. The Obama administration recognizes that the economy is tough and is providing the grants as a way to stimulate the economy again. If you meet the requirements you can get your government free money too. There is still plenty of grants available but don’t take to long to think about because the requirements are low. Many people qualify and soon the well will go dry. Don’t let that door close with you on the other side.
The free money from the government is money that you never have to worry about paying back. That’s right, you don’t have to pay this money back. No you are not dreaming. It is true. If you meet the small requirements you can get government free money that you don’t have to pay back. Did you know that free money is available through free grants and government grants? If you are thinking about starting a business, continuing your education or buying real estate, you owe it to yourself to learn all you can about getting some of this free money for yourself. Many people are intimidated by the application process to such an extent they become discouraged and don’t even try to obtain money through free grants. It simply doesn’t have to be this way…
Obtaining free grants comes down to simply following a process. And there are websites that can help you do just that. There are even websites that walk you, step by step, through writing the proposal.
The first step in applying for free grants is to know exactly what you want the money for and to locate the grants that are available for that purpose. free grants are awarded to fill specific needs, so you must find the grants relevant to your objectives. Once you’ve located the grants, it’s time to write the proposal.
Whether you are writing a proposal for government grants or any other kind of free grants, the grant proposal has the same basic parts: cover letter, executive summary, needs statement, objective, business plan and program description, evaluation plan, and outline of other funding sources. Look at it this way – your funding sources just want to make sure their money is going to the right place, to someone who is going to use it to accomplish particular objectives. It’s your job to make them certain that you are the right person and that your company will be able to accomplish its goals using the free grants award.
Your cover letter is important because it is your funding source’s first impression of you. It should be brief and business-like, stating concisely the reason you should have the funding. The executive summary, business plan and program description are your opportunity to show what your company does and hopes to do. Your needs statement is why your company needs the free grants money, and why you should have it. The evaluation plan describes how you will gauge your success with your objectives and your list of other funding sources shows that you are serious and are taken seriously by others in your field.
There are websites that will help you understand and use grant terminology and websites that tell you what to watch out for to avoid scams.
There are government grants and free grants for continuing your education, for starting a small business and for housing needs. Pell Grants are some of the best known free grants. Pell Grants allow students to continue their training or education at either vocational schools or community colleges and universities. The Pell Grants award amount is determined by the student’s financial need, the cost of their tuition and whether the student is going full or part time.
Another factor is how long the student will be attending the institution. Pell Grants are generally given to those pursuing post secondary education or training. Some Pell Grants are available for postgraduate study. Students who are awarded Pell Grants can also seek funding from other grants and loans. At the present time, students can only be awarded one Pell Grant a year. However, that changes from year to year.
Students who are not eligible for those free grants, and who have parents or guardians who were members of the US Armed Forces and died due to the war in Iraq or Afghanistan can get the Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant. As long as they were enrolled in a college either part or full time when the parent or guardian was killed, they are eligible. The award for the Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant is the same as the award for the Pell Grant.
TEACH is one of the types of free grants that provide a good opportunity for students who want to be teachers. All they have to do is commit to teaching full time in a public school that serves low income students for four years, or to teach in an area of high need. The students school must participate in the TEACH Grant Program. The student must be enrolled in classes that will lead to a degree in the teaching profession and to have a 3.25. In the event that the student decides not to honor their obligation to teach, the grant converts to a Stafford Loan. If you have decided to become a teacher, this grant provides you with the opportunity to have your education paid for.
Small business grants are available for starting businesses, expanding businesses or for purchasing franchises. Free grants and government grants for businesses are particularly designed to provide funding for specific purposes. When you write the proposal you will need to say how your organization can benefit the community or other group.
Small business grants can be awarded by state or local governments interested in bringing businesses into their area to provide jobs and services for the community. Additionally, there are small business government grants available for minorities.

There are various kinds of free grants available for help with purchasing and renovating real estate. Today, with the housing crisis, there are even more grants available than there are ordinarily. The Making Home Affordable program offers help for homeowners who are having a hard time making their mortgage payments. HUD or the US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development offers help for first time home buyers and veterans. They offer funds for housing repairs and historic building preservation. There is special assistance through free grants for minorities, seniors and women. If you have a life changing goal you want to accomplish or a dream you want to pursue and money is your only obstacle, look into the free grants and government grants available for your specific objective.

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  • Doug says:

    You have to refile FAFSA every year and you get awreadd the Pell based on your EFC. If your EFC is lowered to a qualifying amount for a Pell then you would qualify. The reason you did not get it is is because your financial picture improved so you do not qualify for it anymore. Maybe more income came into your family or assets. Something caused you to go into a higher bracket of finances so you do not qualify.

  • Camila says:

    Hello Larry Thank you for applying for a grant! The eaoiuvtlan section is indeed separate, as it only becomes relevant once a grant is awarded. While you will need to complete an eaoiuvtlan in the event of getting a grant, no action is needed on your part at this time.Hope this answers your question; please don’t hesitate to let me know if I can be of further help.Regards,Nik LancePresidentPort Townsend Education Foundation

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