First Time Home Buyer Grants

It is unlikely that you will ever meet anyone who would not like free money from the government. However, getting money is not always the easiest thing to find. What most people do not understand is that the U.S. government gives out billions of dollars each year. While this money is not called free money, when the government is concerned, are typically called government grants.

When it comes to free grant money you simply will not be able to go to the government; hand extended and experience any success. In order to qualify for these funds, you will first need to know which ones apply to your situation. If you are looking for some extra cash to upgrade you existing home theater system, you are probably going to be fresh out of luck. Grant money is set aside for very specific things and before you ask for any free money, you will need to know which grants might apply to your particular situation.

While dealing with the government, you might need to prepare yourself for a bit of a wait. With bureaucratic red tape and the slow nature of government administration, procuring any type of money from the government might take a while. What also might take time is finding the right grant for your needs. With over $635 billion in government grants this year, there are bound to be plenty of actual grants to apply for. Small business start-ups, student grants, minority and women’s business grants are just a few of the many grants that are available.

It has often been said that the best kind of money is free money, and getting free money in the form of a grant is a good thing. If you are a struggling student, who needs financial assistance, or you have a business idea and you are unable to get the capital needed to get the business off the ground, a government grant is a great thing. Money to get things going, without having to worry about paying it back is a very good thing indeed. This tips should help you procure free money from the government.

Government grants for first time home buyers are available and are making it possible once again for certain individuals to purchase a home, or other large purchases. The recent economic crisis in our country, especially in the mortgage industry, has made it extremely difficult for a person to obtain a home loan. With 100% financing, even to those with near perfect credit, no longer being offered by lenders, it has become necessary to have a down payment to even be considered for a home loan by a bank or mortgage company. Utilizing government funding help for first time home buyers allows a person or a young couple to realize the American dream of owning their own home. These government grants provide the money that is needed for down payments and in some cases the closing costs as well. While there is no requirement to pay grant money back, there is typically a residency requirement. It is usually required that the person obtaining these monies to reside in the home for a minimum number of years, which can vary. Should that not be possible, the grant would then need to be repaid, however, there would not be any interest charges at all added. In addition, even if sold prior to the residency requirement being met, all equity from the sale of the house stays with the seller, therefore making these government grants relatively risk free.
As with all grants, there are certain criteria to be met in order to qualify. For the first time home buyers grant the criteria is simple and straight forward, one must be a U.S. citizen and they cannot have ever owned a home. However, the bank or mortgage lender will have their own criteria that will need to be met, such as a satisfactory credit rating for one, in order for them to consider financing the remaining loan balance. At this time not all banks or mortgage lenders are participating in the use of grants. It may be necessary to contact a mortgage broker who is familiar with the lenders that are accepting these funds as down payments. Once a lender has been chosen, they generally will aid in the application process for the grant.
For an individual or couple looking to purchase their first home, utilizing the government grants that are available and area specifically designed for first time home buyers may be what turns a dream into a reality. In conjunction with the right lender, free personal government grants are aiding in bringing back the American dream.

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