Free Money from the Government

Did you know that every year tens of thousands of dollars are set aside by the Fed for housing in the form of free money from the government grants? If so, did you also know you might be eligible to receive one of these you’d never have to pay back? The recent bust in the national housing market has forced millions of homeowners and would-be-homeowners to start thinking outside the box. One way both owners and buyers are beginning to do this is by taking advantage of the many grants available to aid with all sorts of different housing needs. Find out how you can benefit from these programs.

What Are Grants?

Each year the federal government, as well as state governments, sets aside a large amount of free grants from the government to fund all types of Federal monies. These programs are different from a loan in that the recipients are not obligated to pay them back. Unfortunately, every year millions of dollars of these funds are returned unclaimed simply because many people don’t know it exists. They are given out for a number of different uses, from education, to research, to funding fine arts projects and careers.

Why Offer Housing?

Housing monies are set aside by government organizations to ensure better quality of life for the people and greater economic stability and growth. Most homeowners have no idea when they buy a property that they could knock thousands of dollars off their personal debt through these programs. While the benefits for the homeowner or home buyer are obvious, local economies also benefit through increases in average home sales and values.

Can You Apply For More Than One?

Yes. There is actually no limit as to the number of grants you can apply to receive. Each submission must be applied for individually however. You will have to do some research first in order to find out which types you are actually eligible for. But once you figure this part out, you may apply for funds as often as you choose

What Can You Do With Housing Grants?

Whether you are interested in federal subsidies it’s important to know just how many options you have. Housing grants can cover all sorts of different housing expenses from mortgages, to energy efficient home repairs, to affordable rent for low-income individuals and families. Read below for detailed explanations of some of the opportunities that are opening up for people all over the country once they obtained their payments.

Home Buying

Money is available to potential home-buyers through HUD (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. HUD works closely with local organizations and groups to help individuals and families by giving them funds to use to buy homes. First-time home buyers can get money to help with the down-payment on a primary residence property. While HUD cannot cover the entire mortgage of a home, they can help buyers get into a home and relive some of the initial expenses of home ownership. These mortgage programs are often used to help revitalize neighborhoods and therefore are great for communities.

Rural Housing

The federal government offers a special type of assistance for those wanting to buy or build in many rural areas throughout the nation. If you’re planning on buying a home or want to build a home in an eligible rural area then you might be a prime candidate for these types of submissions.


The purpose of rehabilitation grants is to aid those who are interested in restoring damaged and dilapidated properties. Many homes have been foreclosed on and have been sitting empty for years while the U.S. housing market struggles to recover. These damaged, empty properties can decrease the value of nearby homes and make the entire neighborhood seem uninviting or unsafe. For rehabilitation, an interested party can buy and repair the home restoring its value and possibly making an excellent profit in the meantime, just look at the one dollar homes available in Buffalo New York.

Energy Efficiency

Green, or environmental, grants for home repairs are another type currently being offered. You can apply for money to upgrade your current home and make it greener. These are also sometimes offered for the purchase and use of more energy efficient appliances. These are often State backed for solar power upgrades.

Home Refinancing

Current home-owners can also benefit from these federal monies to help them refinance their homes to make mortgage payments more affordable. Just like the other types available, home refinancing money does not have to be paid back.

Affordable Rent

Rental assistance offer much needed aid to single parents, the elderly, and the disabled and low-income families. Rental assistance provides partial or full rent payments in the form of vouchers that may also be able to be used to pay rental utility bills. The federal government works with state organizations to provide this to eligible individuals who have applied for them.

Applying for Free Money from the Government

You can apply for grants as an organization or as in individual. If you are applying for certain types, such as a HUD first-time home buyer, you might be able to receive help from a qualified individual within that organization. You may also opt to hire a professional grant writer to work on your application with you to increase your chance of success. Either way, gathering all necessary documentation before you start the application process will make the process easier. Also be sure you take your time completing the application and ensure it has no mistakes or missing information before submitting. Leaving out important information or accidentally relating the wrong information could slow down the process or even cause your application to be denied.

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